Bluesun Hotel Kaštelet

Not many hotels have such a long history as does Kaštelet Bluesun Hotel. The hotel was built in the 18th century in the Baroque style.

At a time when the world knew of no technology, many distinguished men from all over the world came to visit Father Clement in his summer villa, which is located right next to the sea, to share with him their travel experiences and to learn more about Croatia and central Dalmatia.

Three centuries have passed since the villa was built, but its purpose has not changed significantly. This former villa that is now Kaštelet Bluesun Hotel still gathers guests from all over the world and provides them with an intimate ambiance, harmonious interior design and proximity to the beach in return.

Guests at Kaštelet Bluesun Hotel will enjoy in sunny days, and as a result of the romantic atmosphere in the Hotel, it has now become a favourite honeymoon destination for newly-weds.

There is wheelchair access to everything on offer at Kaštelet Bluesun Hotel.

Kaštelet Bluesun Hotel has continued the tradition started by Father Clement and welcomes all those in search of pleasure, love, fantasy or simply a rest. You too can become part of this three hundred year-old story. Welcome!

Reservation Office

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